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Secure Order-Stony met., Individuals(OC)-Sale

H4 - Chondrites (type 4)

H3.9  Dhofar 722 large representative slice $60

H4 - Lone Tree, Iowa

slices 10g, 8g, 19g @ $4.30/gr

DaG 296 H4

endpieces and slices@$1.08/gr

for details/availibility ask:

H4 - Name: DaG 610
TKW 44kg , found 1998,
fresh looking slice : 6g 30x13mm ; $12
H4 DaG 741

found 1998 Fa:17,5 Fs:.15,9
extremely beautiful,
(on request:) with fresh explicit crust , interesting chondrules!
ask for exceptional quality and fair price

H4 - DaG 953

 1 meteorite was found May 5th 1999 27°07.5 N 16° 20.72 E Wt,g 50.5 1  W4 Fa 17,4 Fs15,5

fresh looking slice : 7g 30x15mm sold;  fragment 4gr sold

fresh looking slice : 9g 30x18mm ; 

fresh looking slice : 15g 30x26mm ;

ask for exceptional quality and fair price

DaG 1033, H4 Chondrit

W1, S2 1 complete stone of 38.9g was found 1999 05 05 in the sand desert of DaG, Al Juffrah 27°28.06 16°10.21. Fusion crust absent. 27°19.63 16°13E . Main mass with anonymus finder

deposit sample 8.73g

3.2g, 8g, 0.7g sold

Dho 231 - H4 (S2,W3)

found 15.01.2001 Arabian peninsular TKW:1254 g 73pieces
Polished fragments and slices: 4g, 7g, 13g @ $1,20/g

Dhofar 541 H4 16.9 14.9 S2 W3 TkW 1,233.3 
Analysis: Dr. Ansgar Greshake, Humboldt Univ; Berlin.
Dep.: MNB 22.1 + PTS
12g slice  $14; 15g endpiece $16; 46g endpiece $39
Available only through us!
Gold Basin - H4

grade B (regular) : $0.75/g for individuals: 33gr; 67 gr; 49gr; 112gr

H4/5 - Chondrites (type 4/5)

Dho 020 - H4-5

     Chondrite , many pieces of total 500kg were found 2000 in the desert.

Fragments of 40g+:, partly crusted available : 330g-56x110x50mm, 810g-95x110x70mm, 240g-72x70x40mm;  3,5kg Sold ;

available : 183g-80x50x41mm, 66g-54x32x28mm, 14g-24x36x10mm, 86g-52x41x36mm ,
93g-66x54x22mm , 111g-67x50x20mm , 57g-39x24x21mm , 20g-30x26x15mm
; 12g-37x19x12mm , 21g-50x29x11mm Sold , 55g-48x37x21mm , 46g -51x33x17mm; 36g-35x30x20mm , 39g-33x38x18mm ,23g-35x24x13mm;

14g-25x20x10mm  , 2.4g-11x15x10mm Sold , 2.7g-20x11x7mm , 3.8g-11x23x9mm

Dhofar 542 - H4/5 Fa16.9 Fs15.3 S2 W3 TkW43.3g
Analysis: Dr. Ansgar Greshake, Humboldt Univ; Berlin.
Dep.: MNB 8.6g + PTS
7g slice  $13; 10g endpiece $18; 
Available only through us!
H4-6  –  DaG 221
One stone of 211g was found on 21st of Oct. 1996 in DaG, Central Saharan desert, S2, W3
repository information: main mass: in possession of the finder
39.1g: Münster, Inst. Planet. Univ.
25.4g: Naturhist. Mus. Of Vienna,
H4/5  -  DaG 869, very low shocked and fresh!
One fresh stone was Found 1998 of weight 836g
 S1 W0;  Fa18.0  Fs16.1 
Available: 1 slice of 0.8g  price: $22;
1 small slice of 0.2g $6;

1 small slice of 0.18g sold;

H4-6 - DaG 435 , S4, W1

4,5g 17x20mm $5; 20g $15

H5 - Chondrites (type 5)

Aldama (b), Chihuahua Mexico, (H5, S2, W3),

found summer 1996
A 66.5 g stone was found by a mineral collector;
classification / mineral analysis (J.Otto, University of Freiburg,
Germany), J.N.Grossman, Met. Bull. 82, MAPS, 1998, 33, p.A221.
1,9g $15; 2.35g thin slice $18;

DaG 1015 - H5, 1 pce. TkW 247gr

no known pairing, main mass: in private possession
44.8g: Gifhorn, Bartoschewitz Colln.
20g: Moscow, Vernadsky Inst. Geochem.

2.4g slice 25x9mm with crust €14

H5 - Faucett Missouri  image

slices: W1-2: 7gr $22; 16gr $39; 32gr (with crust) $85

Kunya Urgench - H5 

Fall: June 20, 1998 17:25 hrs Turkmenistan Chondrite . Crusted fragments
recovered soon after the fall.

endpieces 7.3 grams - $29.00 • 25.8 grams -$108.00

DAG 746 - H5

1 completely fresh stone of gr:2300 was found in 98 in DaG,Central Saharan desert

very beautiful interior,  Fa:18,3 Fs:.16,2
beautiful fresh fusion crust (on request)     $1.90/gr

DaG 232 H5


for details/availibility ask:

H5  - DaG 740
several stones were found 1998 totalling 320 gr Fa:17,7
Fs:.16,4 , interesting texture; FRESH APPEARANCE
8g 24x33 mm slice $8 ; 11g Sold! 18g 34x36 mm slice $15

3-20g complete fragments : $0.75/g
5 pcs+ of 3-20g:$0.55/g;

H5 - DAG 748

1 stone was found in 98 of gr:265 Fa:19,5 Fs:.16,7
No pairing to this unique H5 known
 exceptional quality @ $ 0.90/gr

H5 - El Hammami Fall

In autumn 1997 maroocan nomads shipped a fragment of a meteorite that they claimed they would have seen falling a meteorite on 10th Aug. 1997 . E.Thompson  , Thompson travelled with them in November of the same year to Mauritania and collected six fresh-looking stones totalling about 200 kg (indiv. masses of 80, 51, 30, 26, 8, and 4 kg) at the base of the El Hammami Mountains in Mauritania

fragments, W1-2: $0,50/gr

fresh fragments, W0: $0,98/gr

slices: W1-2: $0,50/gr

fresh slices:   W0: $1.20/gr

Shock melt impact melt breccia - H 5  - SaU 105

One small complete meteorite was found 2002 in the Dhofar region on the Saudi Arabian Penninsular.

thin endpieces: 2.02g; 3,3g $15/gr

H5/6 - Chondrites (type 5/6)

DaG 175 H5/6


for details/availibility ask:

H5-6 - Chondrites (type 5/6)

H5-6  -  Dho 021    

Chondrite , found 2000 Arabian peninsular,

10 pcs. of TKW 2534g

H 5-6 Djoumine / Tunisia, Fall

Fell October 31,1999 - Meteoritical Bulletin No. 84 (2000)

Shock stage S3, many shock veins,

fresh material

fragments, slices or cut segments  1,7gr sold; 2.4gr $26; 8gr $63; 9gr slice $87;

H6 - Chondrites (type 6)

H6 - DaG 217   BB $7; 5g sold; 18g $10; 25g sold; 30g $15
DaG 738   H6  representative slice $30

 Ref. code: 23k 98              27°06.53               16°03.59  TkW 257              1              H6               W3      18.1              16.3

 No pairing to this unique H6 known    $0.65/gr for nice slices and segments

DaG      739  H5  representative slice $33

 Ref. code: 11L  98              27°11.8               16°05.31     TkW 390              several              H5              W2   18,2              16,3

H6 - DAG 747 1 stone was found in 1999 of gr:179

Fa:19,3 . No pairing to this unique H6 known    $1.15/gr for total mass

H6 - DaG 955

many meteorites found March 31st, 1999  Wt,g 18500  W3 Fa 18,8 Fs16,6

fragments@$0.50/g available : 187g-80x50x45mm, 68g-54x37x28mm, 16g-28x36x10mm, 88g-52x43x36mm sold
sold, 111g-67x50x20mm , 57g-39x24x21mm , 20g-30x26x15mm; 13g-37x18x12mm , 25g-50x25x11mm , 53g-45x37x21mm , 47g -50x33x17mm; 35g-33x30x20mm , 37g-33x35x18mm ,24g-35x20x13mm;

11g-25x20x13mm $6 , 2.5g-13x15x10mm $4

DaG 963 - H6 Chondrit,

several stones of TW 448gr were found on 27.12.1997 in a sand desert Al Jufra by anonymus finder. Fa 19,3; Fs 17,5, W3.

fragments@$0.50/g available : 167g-60x50x45mm, 67g-52x37x28mm, 15g-28x34x12mm, 86g-52x40x33mm
7g-sold, 111g-67x50x20mm,

H6 Impact melt breccia - Dho 010;

huge melt pocking: incredible texture! 15g slice $65; 10g slice $44

Dho 435      H6     

BB: $10;  22,25 g Individual $17

L - Chondrites (high iron chondritic stony meteorites)

L3-6 - Chondrite

HaH 213 L3-6,  TkW 1.209kg

78.1g: Gifhorn, Bartoschewitz Colln.
40.3g: Vienna, Naturhist. Mus.
33.6g: Münster, Inst. Planet. Univ.
37.8g: Göttingen, A.Gehler Colln.

3.3gr endpiece € 30,

L4 - Chondrites (type 4)

L4 - Name: DaG 899
One completely fresh stone  (W0)  with amazing chondrules (outstanding in shape) was found 1998 in Central-Sahara:  TKW: 263g Fa 24.9 Fs4-21
dünne großflächige Scheiben: 2,5g $8; 4g sold; 7.623g $28;42x31mm $9g Sold
DaG 1038 L4

very low shocked, representative specimen $48:

Found 1999 27°20.00' 16°15.00' 80gr 1pce L4 S1 W2 24.8 21.3 20, Mineral.:Kurz, Greshake, HU Berlin

L4-6, NWA - 869 
appr.2700kg stones were found so far

Click here for a Gallery of NWA869

Secure Order of individuals in top quality individuals with explicit chondrules rich in contrast and of fresh quality in all sizes - ask!

L4, Dhofar 012
Stone L4 (S3,W3)
ordinary chondrite
Found 2000 on the surface of the desert, total mass 4472 g: 7 pieces.
14,8g slice $22;    53g slice $80

NWA 2056 L4,

fresh and beautiful chondrite, endpiece with crust, MS $14,


L4/5 - Chondrites (type 4/5)

L4/5 SaU 001,

Superb Stony meteorite individuals containing extraterrestrial water in halite (NaCl)!

extremely beautiful and fresh (W1), surprising texture (many contrast rich colours!) ,
Superb fusion crust: nearly complete stones & end pieces : Price
The pieces look outside quite similar to those from Juancheng but since it is low on iron content they are very light and such you get really a nice big meteorite with little weight for little money !

View gallery of superb, complete individuals

Secure Order of Top grade Individuals

see price references for above gallery here:

Order#'s: OCSU10L_00xx -    16/pce,3 for $43

Order#'s: OCSU10T_00xx -   $24/pce, 3 for $65

Order#'s: OCSU1BH_00xx -   $33/pce, 3 for $88

Order#'s: OCSU1D0_00xx -   $53/pce, 3 for $143

Order#'s: OCSU1E0_00xx -   $60/pce, 3 for $160

ask for the best price of the following large A-grade individuals (weight in blue in gr):

Order#: OCSU1_567G   567Gr

Order#: OCSU1_435G   435Gr

Order#: OCSU1_616G   616Gr

Order#: OCSU1_369G   369Gr

Order#: OCSU1_276G

Order#: OCSU1_287G

Order#: OCSU1_312G

more offers:
69g-52x41x26mm-88%crust; 786g-118x84x56mm-83%crust

33.4g-34x26x22mm-98%crust  ; 28g-54x19x25mm-98%crust sold

slice: 11.7g-49x38mm-96%crust $11 ; 16.8g-26x30x17mm-99%crust

715.5g-126x78x50mm-78%crust;    51g-42x36x30mm-85%crust

29g-34x27x25mm-70%crust sold;   54g-45x38x26mm-93%crust

63g-43x35x28mm-85%crust:   45g-40x32x26mm-88%crust

slice: 16.2g-43x28x9mm;   23.4g-36x25x18mm-88%crust

29.1g-35x22x22mm-85%crust:   231g-66x61x33mm-97%crust

130.6g-73x61x27mm-60%crust; 47.7g-34x30x24mm-85%crust;

32.3g-38x31x21mm-60%crust; 565g-89x70x68mm-90%crust

140.4g-68x52x29mm-99%crust; 369.7g-73x63x57mm-97%crust

218g-66x63x30mm-85%crust; 81.8g-71x29x32mm-96%crust

142g-49x47x45mm-97%crust (imageN1789);



L-type chondrite, full of chondrules.
Saudi-Arabian Penninsular 375g


L-type chondrite, full of chondrules - 452g


L4-6  -  DaG 284

1 stone of 299g was found 25th March 1997 In DaG, Zentralem Saharan , S3, W1

33.0g: Münster, Inst. Planet. Univ.

26.7g: Vienna, Naturhist. Mus.

Verfügbar: 1 kleine Scheibe von 0.5g  Preis: $11

L5 - Chondrites (type 5)

Dho 446      L5     

BB $9; 8,7g $12

L5 , xenolithic, Ghubara

  This meteorite strewnfield was first discovered in 1954 in Ghubara, Jiddat Al Hirasis, gefunden: 2000 Arabian peninsular. Klassifikation: (L5) chondrite, xenolithic (meaning it has several mixed lithologies) and brecciated.

almost perfect (84-99% crust) Individuals in nice shape !!

Fresh and aesthetic appearance

all Individuals are from 7-20g and measure appr. from 1/2 x 1 inch to 13/4 x 2 inches . Note : These are unbroken Fragments!

Price:: $11 -$ 32 / piece !


available :  ultrathin perfect flawless cut slices , highly aesthetic , very fresh material only. all slices are from 9-18g and measure appr. from 1 x 11/4 inch to 2 x 13/4 inches

Price: $16 -$29 / slice


L5/6 - Chondrites (type 5/6)

L5-6  -  DaG 344
One stone of 166g was found on 21st of Sept. 1997 in DaG, Central Saharan desert, S2, W3
repository information:
main mass: in possession of the finder
22.2g: Naturhist. Mus. Of Vienna; 21.2g: Münster, Available: 1 small slice of 0.9g  price: $8
DaG 290 L5/6

2,33g 25x17mm ; 2,7g 30x14mm sold ; 4g 30x33mm ; 7,4g ; 4g sold

ask for fair price

L5-6, Breccia  - SaU 067, 
Found Jan 2001, 21; Shower of 12 pieces total
mass 2866 g, Breccia L5-6 S1-2 W1-2 breccia Fa 25.1-24.1, Fs 21.6

Available are either: individual with top 95 % fusion crust (green-black!) with regmaglypts, extremely beautiful, outstanding show piece!  Price: $1.43/g

orthin complete slices (fusion crusted): $2.20/g

L5/6, - Name: Gretna, USA

slices: 1.5g $6 ; 2.5g $9 ; 15,838g 40x27mm $30 ; 36,44g sold

L6 - Chondrites (type 6)

L6 - DaG 355

beautifully brecciated, fresh appearance

10g slice $11 ; 3.6g slice $6

L6 extremely shocked: S6!! -DaG 441

end cut Size: 3x2cm Weight: 23.5g Price: $15

L6 - DG 477 ,
L6DG477n0297.jpg (15328 bytes)
W1 ,slices with fresh black fusion crust :$1/gr: (7g sold; 15g; 25g; 38g; 410g)
endpieces with up to 100% fresh black fusion crust: $0.90/g
L6 - DaG 956

Found Dec.25th 1997 Wt,g 15000 several W3 Fa 24,4 Fs 20,8

beautiful structure, contrast and brecciation, fresh (gemmy) appearance, interesting inclusions

fragments $2.95/g, (7.4g sold; 18g; 20g sold; 26g; 38g; 410g)

aesthetic Endstück or slices $3.20/g (7g; 27g; 38g; 101g)

L6 from DaG : classified (MPI) superb museum specimen complete individual with 99%+ blackblueish crust , outstanding appearance      @$0.88/g

Wholesale: 100g+: @$0.60/g
DAGN550 51X5.jpg (48326 bytes)

Dho 414   -   L6      45,2g $26

L6 - Macy, NM, USA

 Many fragments, the largest of 24kg, total weight 42kg, were found by S.Wilson in sect. 20, township 1S, range 29E, olivine Fa25.1, Met. Bull. 63, Meteoritics, 1985

available slices of appr. 2"x7/8" (50x23mm) $7/ea, 3 for $19

NWA 1044  -    L6  

P 12/17/00 80.4g 1 S4 W1 23.9 21.3

9,387g  thin slice $17

NWA 1049  -    L6  

P 12/17/00 626g 1 S4 W1 23.9 21.3 Wo: 1.4

7g thin slice w. crust $15

NWA 1050  -    L6  

P 12/17/00 214g 2 S4 W1 23.9 21.0 Wo: 1.6

4,339g thin slice w. crust $12

L6, brecciated - NWA 1582

Several small pieces (partly crusted fragments) with beautiful texture with TkW 3451 g

BB: $7;

small slices and endpieces with strange crust: $0,60/gr

large slices and endpieces with strange crust: $0,40/gr

Let us know your wishes!

NWA 331 - prov.L/LL6

nice texture

beautiful slices and endpieces from $0,40

L6 SAH 97001,

(the FIRST of all classified Saharans! Many look because of this circumstance for this number - we have the main mass)

L6-Chondrite, fragments $1.50/g, (7g; 18g; 26g; 38g; 410g)

aesthetic Endstück or slices $1.80/g (7g; 27g; 38g; 101g)

SAH_97001_5sl_1endp_n353.jpg (16846 bytes)   Dscn0383.jpg (13018 bytes)   Dscn0310.jpg (14993 bytes)

L6 - Dho 005; Chondrite , found 2000 Arabian peninsular

Wholesale: 6kg+: @$0.22/

@$0.38/g  available:  20g Sold ; 25g ; 33g ; 28g ;53g; 48g; 188g ; 82g ; 62g Sold ; 75g ; 76g Sold; 135g ;270g ; 2.2kg ;

LL - Chondrites ( Amphoterites )

LL4,DaG 294

found 1996 , $4.50/g available slices: 3.8g 31x32mm ; 8g 51x34mm ;

LL4 - DAG 613 , found 1998,

available slices: 3,5g   35x33mm $13, 6g 46x34mm $24;

LL4 - DaG 298 Description, a fresh individual of 2459 grams was found on 15th April 1997 in the desert. S3/W0
Avalable: Two small fragments with crust
Size: The biggest is about 1cm
Weight: 0.5g Price: $8

LL5 - Chondrites (type 5)

LL5,  found March 14th, 2000 Arabian peninsular; $3.50/gr     3oman000314b.jpg (76903 bytes)

LL5, SaU 093,    Chondrite , found 2000 Arabian peninsular , interesting texture

available slices:  0,4g sold; 3g 30x22mm $14; 4g 30x32mm sold; 8.4g 40x30mm  $2712g 47x35mm sold

LL5, Dho 235: complete slice 20g $50; slice 1,2g $5

LL5-6 , Dho 270:

1.4gr slice $15; complete slice with crust 3,165g $30;

DaG 256 LL5-6

available slices: 4,1g 31x30mm; 12g 47x35mm  @$4/gr

LL6 - Chondrites (type 6)

prov. Fall: Feb 2002: LL6 brecciated - Bensour,

 (Fa 31) - complete individuals 14gr, 7gr, 6gr@$6.80/gr ;  endpieces 9gr, 6gr, 3gr @$6.80/gr and thin slices with black crust: 1gr, 3gr, 6gr @ $9/gr: 

DaG 177 LL6


available slices: 4.8g 61x32mm ;10.6g ;  ask for special price

LL6 DaG 900

representative slice $36

DaG 1034 LL6, representative specimen $33

DaG 1034 1999 27°40.04' 15°57.03' 232 1 LL6 S4 W3 30.6 24 23.6 Be2

Dho XXX OM 7.01-43      LL6  

    5,26 g complete fresh looking slice with fusion crust and interesting texture, approximately 38x30mm max. $30

LL6 - Dho 1072

BB $12; fresh beautiful texture, 0,911g 12x12mm max. part slice $15,

highly recrystallized LL6 ;Name: DAG 744

very fresh with black crust

1 stone was found in 98 of gr:390 Fa:30,4 Fs:.25,0 ; fresh appearing crust (on request).  No pairing to this unique LL6 known

slices: 1,14g sold; 3.8g $20; 5g  sold!; 12g sold; 4g 30x32mm sold 14g slice 47x35mm $58; endpiece of 23.6g $85; 15g $65

LL6 - NWA 799

TkW 1.850kg, light interesting interior with fresh black crust $2.20/g

3gr fragment;  4.4g  slice 41x32mm $44

LL6, SAH 97097
Total Mass or part of 97097 
1997 Apr. in the Western Sahara 12300 grams 1 piece

   097tll6.jpg (23642 bytes)

LL6, S1 , nice fresh looking black-brown fusion crust 
for $2.90/g:  4.5g  41x34mm; 34g sold , 50g, 90g  ; small part slices :2g sold  ; 2.7g sold ;

Special : Beautiful huge endpiece of 0.4kg with 50% fresh looking crust: $559

LL7 - Chondrites (type 7)

LL7 - Dho 011

shock stage S3; weathering grade W3.

Key classification information: Fa of olivine is 30.5 (mol %), Fs of pyroxene is 25.5 (mol %).

One weathered stone of total mass 150 g was found on the surface on 5th of Dec.1999 in the desert.. Nature of recovery site: rocky planes with carbonate stones, low areas covered with quarz-carbonate sand owergrown by low small bushes.

available slices with large surface area: 0.5g 11x7mm $33; 0.88g 11x13mm $43

LL7 – Dho 014

Highly shocked: stage S4;
almost fresh, (weathering grade W1)
A single stone of 414 g
was found 2000, January 21 on the surface of the desert.
Black glassy fusion crust0,2g sold
ultrathin slice with black glassy crust 1,8g 25x15mm $120/pce.ultrathin slice 0,7g 5x7mm $65/pce; 0.5g 11x7mm $29

60 more different Ordinary chondrites of all types from DaG - all Classified with Met.Soc.Nr!

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