Aesthetiic Zincites are one of Natures Miracles :

Nice crystals and crystal clusters of Zincite in all colours  occurring as a secondary mineral from Silesia , now Poland , are a unique sample of a natural crystallization phenomena of Zincite mines.

Its crystallization was not made by of men. It was caused by a surprising and rare happening called “sublimation” which means the crystals were formed by direct transformation from a very low state of beingness (gas , fire) to a very high (crystals) not passing levels in between (like the liquid state of element). It was rare occurance of a natural byproduct of zincite processing in the last century.

The origin of this beauty is Silesia, which is nowadays situated in Poland.

Due to its rare type of crystallization ( “sublimation” ) and rarity zincites are very much desired by mineral museums.

Crystal System: hexagonal

The tetrahedrons in zincite all are oriented in one direction and produce the hexagonal (six fold rotational) symmetry. This mineral provides for the synthesis of personal power, creativity and physical energies. It is useful in the radioinics field to intensify the response patterns exhibited during use of the ”check-surface".  Zincite introduces the connection with the higher realms!

Since fire is the cognition of the transformation of the hard-physical to the hard spiritual, red Zincite getting big importance in our time of collective transformation into the cosmic aquarian age .

Red Zincite wants to help humanity and each individual to recognize full responsibility for all what is happening or all what is perceivable.

Zincite is not a one locality mineral. Occurrences: mines of the Sterling Hill and Franklin, New Jersey, USA area. The chemical composition of zincite consists of tetrahedrons of ZnO4. One interesting fact is that all tetrahedrons in zincite are oriented in one direction.

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