Donnersteine - Thunder Stone

Meteorites were called Donnersteine or thunder stones by the Teutons. The word  thunder comes from its idg. root "Donar" which was (and is) a most powerful God (wellknown in German mythology). The number which vibrates to Donar is five. The day that prayers to Donar are adequate is thursday (Donars Tag). Some Teuton may have projected them as lances of angels. They also may have praised the rare meteoritic material for making fist wedges, arrow heads and forging king swords.

Heviosso , also known as Shango, is considered the highest god of the sky by the Ewe (tribe in Southeasternghana, Southtogo, Southbenin). Heviosso, Thunder God or God of lightning:

 wherever lightning strikes, priests search the surrounding area for the thrown stone.  He/She/All That Is represents the ray from Heaven, the fire and the violent death.

Just as the thunder lightning flashes, H. has the ability to expose people the truth beyond masked developments just as quickly. The truth can hurt just as fire!

Shango is seen also as the initiator of Courage, Intelligence, emotion on its high level (explosive passion) and Truth! His rises to confront and meet great challenges. He is the master force of tactics and strategy.He wins against the odds and is stimulated by challenge. H. creates thunder and lightning by casting "thunderstones" down to earth;

 The Yoruba tribe (Southwestern-Africa) honour these stones as metaphysical power stones, and they enshrine these stones from heaven in temples to God. Heviosso  is perceived as the dispenser of justice, Red (blood) is the colour dedicated to H. Priests of Shango wear necklaces of black, red, and white beads; The leader priest (Magba) of Shango, has twelve assistants, who are positioned, in order of authority: At the right-hand (Oton), at the left-hand (Osin), third, fourth, fifth ... They are in a place near Kuso, the location  at which H. according to the myth is said to have descended with an iron chain into the ground of our blue planet  (The end of an iron chain was found sticking out from this specific crater impact hole from the ground of the earth). It is probable that contact with Islam has had something to do with  this legend. The Dschenii, as we read of them in "Arab Nights," was often mentioned as breathing forth flames to destroy their enemies; and a descent into the earth  often occured  in the same context.

The Heviosso (Shango) cult uses fire as a heavenly power coming from the thunder. Heviosso is as powerful as his scream giving him the ability to move people and things with his voice. Sango is a very strict God, who can become violent, in order to help the divine justice to the victory and to grant spiritual protection  to the Worshippers. He/She is responsible for punishing thieves, criminals or to warn innocent people of evil. Shango gives his command only once setting trial by fire. He is considered the force behind suicide pil ots. Humans used to be sacrificed to Heviosso until the arrival of the Europeans who replaced humans with bulls. The bull's throat was cut very slowly to drain as much of the blood as possible as it was believed that the life blood was the true source of life. In addition it hurls lightnings of the sky against those, which committed a criminal offence.

One myth about Heviosso tells of his human manifestation  as the fourth king of Oyo (the ancient capital of Yoruba). He had a charm that could cause lightning, with which he inadvertently killed his entire family. Out of remorse he was hanging himself. Upon his death he became deified.

H. relates with Santa Barbara; 

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