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Impactites, Impact Glass, Impaktgläser, Libyan Desert Desert Glass from Egypt, Blitzröhren - Fulgurite

updated 25.03.2010

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 Authentic!  $0,25/gr+!

Sale: Cosmic Desert Glass – Libyan Desert Glass found in Egypt

View list of Cosmic Libyan Desert Glass offers - Kosmisches Wuestenglas!

Caveat emptor: Most Libyan Desert Glass offered on online auctions are fake. Although some of them may look superficially similar in appearance they are in many cases neither impact nor other cosmic event related and are different in thermal history and/or mineralogy


Was sind Moldawite (Tektite)? - What are Moldavites and Tektites?


Moldavite REG, Moldawite REG from 2.50/grm
Regular grade pieces with nice colour!

Secure Order

Sizes from appr. 0,5g-5g: 50grm bags for $ 130 (compare at $3.40/gr+)
100grm bags for $259

1000grm bags for $2580

Sizes from 5g-15g 
50 grm bags for $
100grm bags for $
300grm bags for $


Moldavite MUS, Moldawite - fine MED/LARGE museum quality      

Open or download following pdf-file (7170KB)

Most moldavites (like ending nr. _0029 through  pic-ending nr. _0066  are sold already.

Following specimen are stillavailable:

Following specimen are still available (I did attach the file to this email.)

"Moldavite_mus_ML” Image  Files ending with numbers:




_0007 through 0020


Numbers a and b show front and back side of same specimen

from !

By whole lot of 15 pcs: $3.98/gr; By half whole lot of 8 pcs: (pick): $4.39/gr; By half whole lot

 of 15 pcs: (no pick): $4.10/gr

Moldavite_mus_ML - DIASHOW.pdf

For orders email the file name which includes precise weight and image number OR email the precise weight and/or image number .


Moldavite MUS, Moldawite - fine LARGE museum quality

Following large specimen are available: Open or download following pdf-file (2464KB) of 20 moldavites of appr 15g each @$6/gr:

Moldavite_mus_L - DIASHOW.pdf

For orders email the file name which includes precise weight and image number OR email the precise weight and/or image number .

Pictures 5,6,8,9,10,11 are slightly higher in price (different quality-finest “Chlum”):  $8.75/gr

All others are fine museum quality priced $5.50/gr.


Moldavite MUS, Moldawite - lots of 5pcs. of fine small museum quality     

Open following gallery link which offers 32 different lots of very fine moldavites (each containg appr. of 5 hand selected moldavites) each lot you can buy for a special of @ US-$ 3.70/gr:

Moldavite_mus_small_lots_of_5pcs - DIASHOW.htm           

For orders email the file name which includes precise weight of each lot and image number OR email the precise weight of the lot and/or image number OR email for assistance .

(each lot totals in most cases appr. 25gr)


mclaa530n229.jpg (18069 bytes)mcl141g5pn20.jpg (13272 bytes)moclaa40-45g.jpg (29496 bytes)

Sale: Klick for very large samples of finest museum quality Gallery 1: 

Ask for fair & affordable rate

For orders email the file name which includes precise weight (imagine a comma in the middle of the 4 consecutive numbers please) of each piece OR email for assistance

30g+: Ask for fair & affordable rate


1-7 gr: 55 gram bags for $180/bag (compare at $5/gr

1-7 gr: 100 gram bags for $320/bag (compare at $5/gr

7-12 gr: 50 gram bags for $225/bag (compare at $3/gr+)
7-12 gr: 100 gram bags for $
380/bag (compare at $3/gr+)
13-20 gr: 50 gram bags for $
300/bag (
13-20 gr: 100 gram bags for $
21-30 gr: $
6.35/g 100 gram bags for $6.10/gr


See more offers here: Secure Order

  Moldavite-carvings, Moldawit-Schnitzereien

   Famous art craft, Bohemia
mc_1.jpg (7335 bytes)Moldavite-Dolphin

Moldavite-carvings :Sai Baba, Dolphin, Christ, Eagle, Stars, woman’s face,
metaphysical and occult symbols & other carvings Famous art craft from one of Bohemians best artists, original Bohemia   $20

   mocaf1.jpg (38638 bytes) sample images  mocaf2.jpg (46239 bytes)

Moldavite (Moldawite)Museum-quality:

(like the material used for the dolphin carving - almost all pcs.

in 99%+ undamaged shape and impressing quality!):

Faceted Moldavites: fine cut and polished moldavite in outstanding clarity and exceptional luster and colour : 0,4 crt to 30 crt, top colour ! : $13/crt

Faceted Moldavites: regular grade : $7/crt up  


Bezednice, Bohemia 
Moldavites, - "flower like - shape" 

Fancy Moldavites, Bezednice, big selection, ask for pictures
edium size, top museum quality Besednice $14/gr
large top museum quality Bezednize $

mob2.jpg (4571 bytes)  mbzlt198n183.jpg (28112 bytes)  mbezn197.jpg (13193 bytes)

Sale: Click for finest Bezednice quality (undamaged complete individuals of up to 7gr per piece) Gallery 1: 

Inquiry / order and weight references to images in above gallery:

Order#: MOBZM_0001 weight in gr: 4.534g
Order#: MOBZM_0002 weight in gr: 7.908g
Order#: MOBZM_0003 weight in gr: 4.703g
Order#: MOBZM_0004 weight in gr: 2.545g
Order#: MOBZM_0005 weight in gr: 4.016g
Order#: MOBZM_0006 weight in gr: 3.345g
Order#: MOBZM_0007 weight in gr: 1.388g
Order#: MOBZM_0008 weight in gr: 5.130g
Order#: MOBZM_0009 weight in gr: 2.025g
Order#: MOBZM_0010 weight in gr: 4.820g
Order#: MOBZM_0011 weight in gr: 3.405g
Order#: MOBZM_0012 weight in gr: 2.906g
Order#: MOBZM_0013 weight in gr: 4.317g
Order#: MOBZM_0014 weight in gr: 3.160g
Order#: MOBZM_0015 weight in gr: 1.003g

Ask for fair & affordable rate

  Philippinite and Rizalite:

beautiful museum quality, drops oval and round shapes, all complete individuals from the Philippines!

select your size choice from 3gr to 100gr Ask for fair & affordable rate



regular grade dime size, $9;  $98/dozen, appr.2cm max. diam. size $18,  3 for $50

fine quality $100


darwin glass

Frothy siliceous glass most likely caused by a major meteorite impact and found near MT. Darwin, Tasmania

Size of 1/2 inch max. diam. $4/pce or 12 for $38

 appr. 1 inch/25mm in max. diam. $10/pce


Irgisite, Zhamanshin Crater, Russia

Irgisite droplets (usual size of appr. up to 1cm) US-$ 3/pce - min.purchase 10 pcs.; massive pieces:0,25/grm


Kgagodi Botswana S22°29' E027°35' 3.5 crater width < 180 A



Lappajärvi Finland N63°12' E023°42'  23km crater width 73.3 ± 5.3



Aouelloul Mauritania N20°15' W012°41' 0.39km crater width 3.0 ± 0.3 A

Size of 1/2 inch max. diam. 12-21$/pce


Elgygytgyn Russia N67°30' E172°05' 18km crater width 3.5 ± 0.5


New  !

Top grade Guangdong Tektite, large Dumb bells (min purchase 300gr)

ask for fair price


Muong Nong Tektite

Complete fragments from Laos: appr. 1 inch by 1 inch by 1/2 inch $18/pce.


Impactites, Impact Glass, Impaktgläser, Desert Glass

Sale! Impactite melt from Ries Germany
2.47kg lot only: $8

ries-melt-2.47kg lot.jpg
ries-melt-2.47kg lot.jpg

4.6kg  lot only: $80

Roch-lot 4.6kg.jpg
Roch-lot 4.6kg.jpg

3.5kg lot $70

Roch-lot 3.5kg.jpg
Roch-lot 3.5kg.jpg

or choose half lots only for half price. cheap shipping to you available


Impactite-Köfelsite / Koefelsite/ Kofelsite

Found in Tyrolia,Austria

This material is of greyish, sometimes slightly  olive green blueish colour, and is a pumice-like glass. Many bubbles and fusion-features.

finest quality displaying explicit shock features, shock veins, glass melt pockets with large vesicles

Kindly select from Gallery below (remember number of the photo you want - first photo is #1 etc.):

Gallery ->    Ask for fair & affordable rate


SUEVIT IMPACTITE - Nördlinger Ries, Germany
86.4 g 87.4 x 54 x 18 mm $25


The Paasselkä impact crater (62°9’ N, 29°23’E) is the second largest crater in Finland with a diameter of about 10 km.

nice fistsize slices and half cuts with beautiful texture: $35

nice half fistsize slices and half cuts beautiful texture: : $20

Weight: 27.3 g
49 x 47 x 9 mm  $11

  IMPACTITE from KÄRNÄITE,Lappajärvi, Finland

nice fistsize slices and half cuts with beautiful texture: $35

nice half fistsize slices and half cuts beautiful texture: $20

25.8 g
43 x 48 x 12 mm  $11


typical part of a SHATTER CONE (beautiful), Steinheimer Becken, Germany
39.1 g  61 x 63 x 13 mm $16

Kindly select from Gallery below (remember number of the photo you want - first photo is #1 etc.):

       Ask for fair & affordable rate
65.3 x 61.0 x 11.6 mm

  Blitzröhren - Fulgurite

Fulgurite (Blitzröhre, Kugelblitz) Fusion Glass caused by Lightning strike from heaven

Fulgurite (derived from the Latin root word "fulgur", meaning lightning) is formed by blossoming of electricity and silica when a thunder bolt of lightning strikes a dune of sand and such creates glassy crystal formations.

from Great Erg, Algeria:

It is a beautiful glassy silica (quartz) mineral (lechatelierite) fused in the heat from a lightning strike and locally melting the sand.   

22,3g 90x50x20mm $38

21g 80x40x30mm $37

16g sold!

13,535g 75x25x23mm $26

10,41g sold!

4.9g 60x15x12mm $9

2.4g 40x15x12mm sold!

26,3g 44x30x88mm $50

1 Lb nice quality: $280

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