Philosopher's Stone (lingam) (update 03. Dezember 2006, created Sept.19, 2001)

With the help of this stone the owner should be put into the position to heal diseases, to convert impure metal into gold or to create the artificial being Homunculus.

Durch Legenden um den alttestamentalischen Herrscher der Metalle Tubal-Kain und des Ägypters Hermes Trismegistos inspiriert hofften Alchemisten des Mittelalters mit metaphysischen und hermetischen Experimenten den Stein der Weisen, jene Kristallisation der "Prima Materia" zu entdecken. Some Magicians added fragments of meteorites to their experiments, since this would implant cosmic rays.

The Lingam is a symbol of the Beginningless and Endless or the Infinite

'Li' stands for Liyathe meaning That in which all names and forms merge;

(and 'Gam' stands for Gamayathe meaning That towards which all forms proceed.)

It is the fittest symbol of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord. Everything starts from it and everything is subsumed in it." - S.S.Baba.

" Dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return
." Genesis 3:19

Sai Baba:Wenn ihr eintaucht in das Meer der universellen Liebe, schmeckt ihr die höchste Süße; wenn euer Geist seine Identität verliert und mit dem universellen Geist verschmilzt, ist der Glanz unbeschreiblich.

Vibhuthi or sacred Ash is symbolic of the ultimate reality which remains when the dross of ego is burnt away by the fire of illumination. Ash or dust is the final unchangeable condition of things and as such it is a symbol of Divinity and Cosmic Dissolution. Vibhuthi given by Baba constitutes a warning lesson to the receiver to give up all desires and to burn all passions, desires, attachment, and temptations, and make one pure, holy and sacred and hence eligible for liberation.

Eckehart schildert:"Die Seele, in der Gott geboren werden soll, der muß die Zeit und sie der Zeit entfallen sein, sie muß sich emporschwingen und ganz verstarrt stehen in diesem Reichtum Gottes: das ist Weite und Breite, die nicht weit und breit. Da erkennt die Seele alle Dinge und erkennt sie da in ihrer Vollendung! Die Meister, was die auch schreiben wie weit der Himmel sei: das geringste Vermögen, das es in meiner Seele gibt, ist weiter als der weite Himmel!"

So you , too have to chisel out of the raw wood (body conception) a masterpiece of divine creation!

Already here on earth the divine awakening produces in the soul of the perfect a flame of love which is an anticipation of that living flame which is the Holy Spirit Himself. 'This flame the soul feels within it, not only as a fire that has consumed and transformed it in sweet love, but also as a fire which burns within it and sends out flame.... And this is the operation of the Holy Spirit in the soul that is transformed in love,
When the heart is thus burning with love for its
God, the soul is contemplating lamps of fire which enlighten all things from on high. These are the divine perfections: Wisdom, Goodness, Mercy, Justice, Providence, Omnipotence. They are, so to speak, the colours of the divine rainbow .

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