Intuition Stone


The cosmic stones on the picture were found on 16th of March 2000 in a remote area of the Rub al Khali (Desert of Emptyness). These Meteorites were classified by scientific institutes as L5 Chondrites. Regarding their fresh state (W1) they could have fallen to earth only last century. It maybe a task of the extraterrestrial beings which are attached to these stones to help people in a more playful way to reach a higher level of consciousness and knowledge on one hand and to reveal a deeper and more differentiated level of responsibility towards our fellow human beings and the spiritual development of the planet on the other hand.

The Intuition Stones show in their inner structure strongly glowing mineral components in nearly all the colors  which can be recognized shimmering through the fresh crust: Olivine (greenish), Hypersthene (often with a touch of rose and violet) and the rare Halite (showing itself  in this meteorite sometimes in deep blue grains which slightly fade in color in the sunlight). Because of their intense radiation which is also described by sensitive persons, their popularity is strongly growing;  the word intuition stems from Latin Language and expresses the will and the ability to sense empathy with others - and all this without considerations, resentments and needs which arise from the ego. The stones are (each for itself) the bearers of extraterrestrial consciousnesses, whose task it seems to be to allow  intuitive insights into social and global movements and to lead to a higher understanding of the underlying strategies. They do help the individual being to gain  a holistic insight in higher plans. One of their message of knowledge is that the life bearing forces are not only static entities but bearers of resonance who are interacting in vibrational relationships. Holistic knowledge is not a pure rational abstraction, which derives only from seeing the work of all influences  on multiple levels  and interactive resonances. The Intuition Stones on their side seem to be connected with highly evolved and helpful beings, whose central therapeutic function maybe to assist human beings in resolving energetic blockages.

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