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Alfianello, Italy historic fall 

nice cut segments (W0 of course)

GS $8, BB $18, LS $37

5.6g @$80/gr

Allende, CV3

L6, Ash Creek , near Waco, Texas

State/Prov/County:McLennan County, TX Date:15-Feb- 2009, fell 1 Latitude:31°48.3'N Longitude:97°00.6'W Mass (g):9500 Pieces:40+ Class:L6 Shock stage:S3 Weathering grade:W0 Fayalite (mol%):24.2 ±0.2 Ferrosilite (mol%):20.5 ±0.7 Wollastonite (mol%):1.6 ±0.2 Magnetic suscept.:4.91 Classifier:A. Rubin, UCLA Type spec mass (g):30.6 Type spec location:UCLA

small part slices, some with black crust @$80/gr:

Bassikounou, H5

Fall 12-Oct-2006

ask for tiny fusion crusted part/indiviuals $4/grm

 Bensour - LL6 brecciated,Fall in Feb 2002:

 (Fa 31) - complete individuals 14gr, 7gr, 6gr@$7.60/gr ;  endpieces 9gr, 6gr, 3gr @$6.95/gr and thin slices, some with black crust: 

Bjurbole, Fall - H 4

Please ask for availibility (small to large fragments for very fair price) : 

Djoumine / Tunisia, Fall - H 5-6

Fell October 31,1999 - Meteoritical Bulletin No. 84 (2000)

Shock stage S3, many shock veins,

fresh material

fragments, slices or cut segments  2.4gr $27; 8gr $65;

El Hammami - H5  Fall In autumn 1997 maroocan nomads shipped a fragment of a meteorite that they claimed they would have seen falling a meteorite on 10th Aug. 1997 . E.Thompson , Thompson travelled with them in November of the same year to Mauritania and collected six fresh-looking stones totalling about 200 kg (indiv. masses of 80, 51, 30, 26, 8, and 4 kg) at the base of the El Hammami Mountains in Mauritania

completely fresh looking fragments with crust: 14g sold, 19g sold, 123g, 256g, 1231g, 4132g $1.20/gr

completely fresh looking fragments without crust: 34g sold, 78g, 411g @ $1/gr

LL6 , brecc.  - Kilabo, Nigeria Fall

fresh fragments of a fresh fall, which

fell same day and almost same time as the Thuathe H4 Chondrite in Lesotho July 21, 2002


ultra fresh crusted fragments 3g, 11g, 19g, 134g @$8.70/gr

Kunya Urgench - H5 

Fall: June 20, 1998 17:25 hrs Turkmenistan Chondrite . Fragments
recovered soon after the fall.


Mount Tazerzeit - L5

A single meteorite of appr. 110kg was seen falling by a seven-year-old Tuareg boy .

Scheibe 38.13g 105x34mm max €85

Scheibe 8.3g €22

Moravka, Czech Republic

0,11g slice 8x12mm $28

Ourique, Portugal - H4 - Fall
0,8g 12x12x5mm fragment $12
0.9g 12x11x6mm fragment $14
4,1g 18x18x8mm fragment $36

Oued el Hadjar, Morocco, Djebel Bani - LL6

Nomads heard a detonation and saw a 1215.5 g stone fall near their tent. It is said that the stone was divided into many pieces and sacrified on an altar 2 weeks later during a wedding ceremony. More pieces have been found later by another team in that area. Mineralogy and classification ( A. Sexton, OU): olivine Fa30.0; pyroxene, Fs22.0; shock stage, S2; W0/1

2.45 grams US$ 43

5.6 grams US$ 90


Portales Valley, New Mexico - H6

Loud whistles have been heard and smoky trails of lights were seen by locals in the sky near the town Portales, New Mexico; 63 meteorites have been collected, with a total of 75kg; the largest weighing 17.0kg. A 530g fragment went through the roof of Gayle Newberry's barn. It is an  H6 chondrite showing an abnormal high number of massive, metal-rich shock veins; several pieces are even dominated by the metal, which displays a fine Widmanstätten structure on etched surfaces (average bandwidth 0.32 mm)

large highly aesthetic slices of metal-rich portions, rich ask for special price:

Park Forest, Chicago

top quality, very fresh:

found within hours of the fall!

52.55g, 55x35x32mm, top fresh individual, 90%crust, $60/g sold
20.29g, 35x28x18mm, 55%crust, oriented $36/g

(Note: I also have a larger complete "car crasher" individual with all (photo and authenticity) documentations of the car impact incident

Bug Boxes: $ 10/ 


Thuathe H4 Chondrite in Lesotho, July 21, 2002

fell same day and almost same time as the Kilabo, Nigeria Fall

ultra fresh crusted individuals 8g, 9g, 118g @$8/gr

ZAG, Western Sahara - H3-6

Fall 4th or 5th of August 1998
Brecciated chondrite containing extraterrestrial water within blue halite crystals.

It is said that nomads heard a detonation and saw a  meteorite fall on a mountain in the vicinity of Zag, Morocco. More than 176 kg have been recovered and sold by local people to dealers.

Classification and mineralogy (A. Bischoff and D. Weber, Münster): a regolith breccia (pers. comm., R. Wieler, ETH); olivine, Fa1.6–30.0, with peak at Fa19; pyroxene, Fs3.3–26.6 ; shock stage, S3, W0/1.

thin nice slice 28g $68

thin nice slice 56g $120


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