Energetic Influences on Meteorites or Stones - Criterias:

Influences and factors regarding the energetic field of a rock:
1. the energies of the person/s who transfer/s the stone to you. The energy level (mental projection) of a person highly influences the "vibes" of the stone! Some people see in a stone just dead rock and thus transfer their dragconic implant fields into the stone. A person who recognize a stone as a divine sleeping being releases, redeems and almost awakenes the "primary" powers of this celestial material.
The preferred energy when you buy/get a stone would be transferred from a source/person who radiates clarity, freedom, self-respect, purity, courage and high emotion (all these patterns are typical signs of clean energy).
If you can’t acquire a meteorite from such a personality make at least sure that the person who took care of the stone before is/was at least honest, ethical, and of a benevolent character. Such a person should also have the highest possible scientific background regarding meteoritics, and adjacent fields, such as mineralogy, and/or petrology.
So be aware that when you buy a stone or a meteorite you are also obtaining the vibrations/ energies of the dealer/prior owner (unless the seller is, as stated above, is of very clean and clear energy, himself). The accumulation of foreign energies gets even more intense when the stone went through many different hands before your acquisition.
In any case, a know-how on how to clean the stone from unwanted energies should be acquired and applied. You may also ask (reliable) dealers or specialists to do this for you, or you may ask for detailed instructions on how to do this.


2. the petrologic makeup of the place where the rock originated on it's parent body.
3. shock features and melt processes that were caused by an impact of another body on the original parent body of the meteorite, as well as shock features and melt processes that were caused by collision/s with other bodies while travelling in space.
4. exposure to other energies and vibrations in space.
5. heating processes causing fusion crust and thumbprinting while the stone passes through or enters into the atmosphere of a bigger planetary body, such as the Earth.
6. the landing site of the meteorite: stones that fell in a "civilized" area will quickly attract the synergetic energies of the inhabitants of that region! Stones that were found in uncivilized regions with arid climate were mostly exposed for long times to the energies of the Sun, the Moon and the stars, thus radiating for one part the energy of the specific area and for the other part the cosmic influence that has been transmitted by the exposure of the stone to the day and night skies.

7. the preparation of the meteorite sample prior to sale: some meteorite slices are cut, and polished with chemicals that contaminate the stone, such as petroleum-based cooling-liquids. This might severely affect the energetic signature of the stone, as well as artifical heating, and/or other semi-destructive preparation and polishing processes (such as the use of epoxy to stabilize the specimen before cutting, or the use of certain chemicals for polishing the cut surface). Please make sure to ask your dealer how the individual specimen has been prepared, and handled.

8. its origin in space (parent body)

   a) chondritic material (OC):
    mostly old material arriving on Earth from the asteroid belt. These huge fragments came into
    existence by the destruction of a planet that existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
    This planet was the real fifth planet from the Sun.
    Ordinary chondrites often quickly attract vibrations from the area where they hit the Earth.
    OCs (due to their special thermal history, especially Ls and LLs) that landed in a
    "civilized" area quickly attract the synergetic energies of the inhabitants of that region!
   b) achondritic material:
    mostly planetary material of younger age. Achondrites have a more autonomic energy than OCs.
    They represent and radiate the energy from space and their original parent body.



Copyright: ErichHHaiderer and. N.Classen, 2003

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