Moon meteorite
Lunar fragmental anorthositic breccia:
Dho 490


A dark grey, crusted stone weighing 34.05 g was found 2001. Not paired with other lunaite strewnfields (like Dho 280 et al)! Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake, MNB and M. Kurz, Germany): The meteorite is an anorthositic fragmental breccia consisting of clasts of various lithologies embedded into a glassy, partly devitrified fine-grained matrix; the clast size is generally below 3 mm; vesicles are abundant; feldspar: An96.0-99.3; pyroxene: Fs11.5-35.7Wo8.2-44.9 and olivine: Fa30.6-50.0; augites dominate over Ca-poor pyroxenes and often contain pigeonite exsolution lamellae; accessory phases are Fe-Ni metal and ilmenite; crystalline fragments include. Microporphyritic impact melt breccias, intersertal impact melt clasts, gabbroic anorthosites, and large feldspar;