Moon meteorite
Lunar fragmental anorthositic breccia:
Dho 461

This stone  is a Lunar Meteorite paired with the Lunar meteorite Dhofar 026 bearing the following characteristics: clast-poor, anorthositic, crystalline melt breccia containing rare mineral fragments and clasts of feldspathic rocks embedded in a completely devitrified fine-grained matrix; vesicles are abundant; sphere-shaped, chondrule-like inclusions and rare impact melt veins are present; feldspar, An96-98; olivine (a dominant mafic phase), Fo61-79 (Fe/Mn = 80-120 at.); low-Ca pyroxene, En53-63Wo8-20 (with 0.13-0.84 wt% TiO2, Fe/Mn = 40-60 at.); high-Ca pyroxene, En43-50Wo27-33 (with 1.1-3.5 wt% TiO2, Fe/Mn = 40-50 at.); accessory minerals are silica, ilmenite (MgO = 7 wt%), troilite, and FeNi metal; a prominent positive Eu anomaly (Sm/Eu = 1.04) is present; terrestrial weathering is not significant.

main mass with anonymous finders; type specimen, 2.454g, UCLA.

LUNLAB05, main mass with anonymous finders; type specimen, 2.454g, UCLA.

UCLA :Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics,University of California,Los Angeles,CA 90095-1567,USA.


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