The Cry for energy?

(created 19991203 , updated bhurdor 23.07.2001)
Creating wonder is the way to life which is a play!
there is nothing BUT energy in our life of experiences.
All you think you need is already here and now!
Become again all the energies that are in and all around you! - There is nothing more to reach!
At one point we had chosen to experience ourselves as separate from God/Goddess/All That Is, in order to learn and grow.
That choice created all life in the Physical! You decided to descend into matter in order to ascend back into Oneness with God/Goddess/All That Is.
As essential spark of God (Honour Be with Him!) you hold the keys to your reality and you are the director and the star in a play where you draw the cast of characters to yourself based on how you think and act. We descended into the darkness to Be the Light, - now is the step for you to return Home!
The world is not solid but representation of flowing and enhancing energy! So what you can experience in this world is something that is already there as divine energy waiting for you to direct it!
There has never been something perceivable that had no energy!
Yet there is a struggling cry for energy in the world as we perceive it!
It can be seen how exceedingly important the subject of energy becomes, because it controls and makes the man what he is at any given moment, and likewise indicates the plane on which he should function, and the method whereby he should govern his environment, circumstances and relationships.
Lack of energy exists only in the false perception of separation.
Working on your primary goal to become pure soul is the path to energy!
Everything becomes attainable if you just have cleansed yourself.
The energy, everything that you seek, comes from spending time with yourselves. Those of us who are making the greatest leaps and the greatest accelerations are those who begin to hear what the Holy Spirit (Honour Be with Him!) is being broadcast to you. You are all receiving the data.
As soon as you start to give an imagination life - there is energy!
There is a great shift of energy if you remember your heritage and discover your (cosmic) mission.
Creativity is the base of energy;
Once the searcher steps in this direction he will experience a kind of creator ship and such a sudden shift of energy !
Save on the perception of time and decide momentarily for the highest vibration -“God” . He/She will ultimately attract any of us!
Expect more perception of energy when you decide to step towards where god guides you to!
Integrate any deed into the Will of God!
If you do the right action , you get the appropriate energy from above - it will carry you forward to your given destiny.
Set determined your steps to the goal, which will attract you once you touched its way. Similarly to a rocket, which is on the way to the sun, the gravitational pull of the earth leaves gradually - first in small - then in large steps, hardly noticeably however infallibly attracts you the sun! Don’t be shy to ask from God! Never be ungrateful, whining or dissatisfied! If not earlier - the understanding at the end "of the game" will show you the Mercy, Help and Service of God! Be grateful to the lord even for the air you breath. “Do not deceive yourself, then you are faster with me!“
A crystallization will take place in which he will create the philosopher’s stone out of yourself!
On many different worlds and in many different planes of existence, many different levels of awareness chose to create their own reality in order to learn, and in order to come home.
Gods gift to man is to vitalize and to energize his physical body as long as he moves consciously forward according to his plan!
What is Gods plan?
Gods plan is that you grow into a mountain peak of divine abilities, that you be filled with love more than the deepest ocean , that you grasp further than the biggest milky way of stars - to finally realize that you are nothing less than himself. You can motivate yourself out of your desire to grow. Your motivation can come from your longing to grow, to grasp, to love and to change. Finally you feel able to decide that your journey is over.
You are human in disguise to discover that you are God in truth! The miracle in front of you is that you can and do cause anything.
Even if you try millions of dead ends you will never be lost !
Recognize that you were chosen since the beginning to fulfil your duty to redeem the fate of the world; Pay the price and pay the debts of humanity as God's chosen Son, Jesus Christ (Honour Be with Him!) as well as Prophet Mohammed (Honour Be with Him!) and other Avatars have done already!
Out of your the strength and Power of the Divine Self in the faith of the Almighty God based on your own decision you will be able to release the world! All the difficulties, which manifest themselves thereby, cannot be defeated, but only be recognized in their nature!
On the way there is only one enemy, and that is your ego. Do not transfer the disastrous habit, to separate the world into " friends " and " enemies".
Only the warrior, who out-fences the internal fight, is the real hero. Because that is the only war, which is worthy of humans. Without realization of your true cause your barriers are always as strong as you yourself; Not being able to kill or destroy them, you can however dissolve them by becoming them as energy. Recognize yourself as your barriers!
Fight your war with your manipulative ego (shadow self) without restrictions, full commitment and a brave heart.
Let yourself fall and have big impact by this Fall on Earth! By falling you will release some power on this planet.
Be sure without God (Honour Be with Him!) you are not able to see the world the way it is, nor its history nor its destination. You can only see the world the way you are yourself!
Without mirror-image-ritual implementation there is no success, on which level of life however . Our life is succeeded if we regain the harmony and the perfection of the universe within ourselves.
Lead your life on ground connection like an example of the God/s-goddess/es, who in truth you really are!”
Do, act, perform everything joyful!
Do it in the anticipation of success!
cause impact to get a glimpse of the feeling of god .
“Always be thankful to God for everything which happens! Recognize everything as grace and help for the process of the journey to your true self!
Check your decisions and act according to them
Take the path of remorse and inner responsibility for all that seems to occur and you are to detect that your way is coined/shaped by God! Rediscover in the light of your divine nature the mission of yourself . This task however is in many of us still slumbering but desperately waiting to get awakened by you!
Don’t try to avoid it for whatever reason - you might end finding yourself lost !
If however - by your free will that is naturally possible! - you will decide for Maya (illusion), you receive thereby the possibility of making experiences and of learning.
The function of Maya consists of feigning you situations which are necessary for the development of your personality.
Maya is the training teacher . Remember: God is everything (although not everything is God!) - so is God also Maya! Maya represents the instructive detour: You turn, by the strength of your free will, from God off towards Maya, and what occurs? You arrive again at the Lord , only you do not see him, because he is covered by the thousand faces of Maya.”
Therefore you never can get completely lost: Where ever you go, everywhere is God at your page !
"operate for me, then your success is granted!
- since: God however is possible everything!
"Do the proper and be steady in it ! “
Implement doing good all the time !
Don’t “try to be good” which most often results in the opposite In truth -by saying so- you express: “I could only be able to TRY to do good , but I am not able to DO good“ . Become a master of doing the right action now - even at the expenses of getting ridiculed or loosing acknowledgment !
Listen to the words of God and love and live them joyfully without expectation !
You might find the word of God in the whisper of the wind, in the unexpected word or phrase of a stranger, as a dream message or ... Don’t limit it by applying expectations !
Be of a strong heart since your mission now is to be God’s soldier!
prove your commitment !
“2 Tim 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”
Be courageous and many may follow you ! Where ever you step many will follow!
One man with courage makes a majority.
Say to yourself: `Whatever happens- -if I do God will love me.'"
Devote to mighty things, to win glorious
experience deep inside the emotion of risk that -accepted and transformed- could fill you with love ! Without daring courage no large project will be carried out!
Atma, like the lion, is full of courage and without fear. 'Atma' is God. God is omnipresent. This 'I' is you. That 'l' is you. You are all.
Whatever you seem to loose, you always regain it, but in another form. Practice yourself in patience, and the things will come to you.
On a higher level: you will win what you never have lost:
the grace of the source of all that has been , that is and that ever will be, so to speak!
Lead a balanced life, but " live " it into its " fingertips "!
Develop at least one noble quality, which emerges from the heart, instead of ten from the head.
Be friendly, this reflects immediately!
Be not shy, because the day comes, when you must prove your commitment.” This day is now and in the presence in the moment !
Destroy the illusion of safety. since life is the permanent choice between growth and recession!
recession ultimately ends in the death process followed by a change of life form!

Express yourself and love others through self acceptance.

Detect God in each breath, feel her smell with your internal nose! See in every human being God ,Goddess .
Don’t be fooled by his human disguise!
Treat others like yourself - !
“each act, each internal message and each thought in you should be of value for the higher whole and god”
You must have high objectives before your life will crystallize !
Og Mandino: You want a better position than you now have, a better and fuller place in your life? Very well, think of that better place and you in it as already existing. Form the mental image. Keep on thinking of that higher position, keep the image constantly before you and-no, you will not suddenly be transported into the higher job, but you will find that you are preparing yourself to occupy the better position in life- your body, your energy, your understanding, your heart will all grow up to the job-and when you are ready, after hard work, after perhaps years of preparation, you will get , the job and the higher place in life.
Dig out your internal treasures, which originate from the higher, cosmic God consciousness, pick them up , exhibit and apply them. Use their message whenever applicable and useful ! Show to the world, by metaphors and applied magic , what the message is (“I am never alone”) . Only your level of service and action determines your value in the world . True magic is always and can only be divine ! Demonstrate that it is not only worth to discover this power but it is the inborn mission of human to regain this divine property !
Express fully and with passion the fire of compassion.
Welcome disappointments, for they toughen you and test your fortitude.
Accept difficulties joyfully since they are in truth a running board. to your personal success!
centre your senses! PARADISE is a state (not a physical place or arena ) where you have consciously chosen to create your own world with love!
Apply your wisdom to your life within any fraction of moment without restriction!
Never expect any reward, this may just restrict you from “getting it all”!
Rewards or outside successes are only secondary appearances of your progressing and can be seen as incentives from above in order to stay "on path". They can be seen as lighthouses for your course.
Refuse politely all worldly awards, but don’t refuse to put on your heavenly crown!
The social ascent of humans should be free from any pride and any arrogance, if it shall contribute to the completion of dignity in life !
You must change in your mind, your behaviour, your way of thinking.
your way of interpreting things!
You will not gain the qualities of God limiting yourself to a change of clothes, you must change your qualities!
For each step forward in your spiritual life you have to make 3 steps forward in your discipline !
You are content with your environment if you are content with you yourself; Therefore operate from now particularly on your self-discipline, your Dharma, your character!
In order to rearrange your character you must perform new behaviour patterns actively and repeatedly in the reality. In such a way the wanted behaviour pattern can become a habit!
Push people into fulfilling their duty to family, the nation and themselves.
Transform yourself into a mountain of growth and into an ocean of Love , than you will be finally able “to light any fire” ! “Start the day with Love. Fill the day with Love. Spend the day with Love. End the day with Love. This is the way to God.”
The primary aim should be to become Masters of yourselves, to hold intimate and constant communion with the Divine that is in you as well as in the Universe of which you are a part.

There is no religion higher than truth.
There is only one religion: that of Love

Find back to purity and holiness of life; otherwise you degenerate
into medium ship or control and black magic
if you want to recover a treasure, you have to bury something before! if you want to (re) gain a quality you have to GIVE (up) something before. (or : devote to)The success of wise humans is not a passing building, which it is certain, again to be destroyed. It is like a bridge, a connection between two worlds.
All human successes are not anything as a preparation for that transcendence!
you must succeed in this transition. Be extremely correct in thinking and doing, be not only sufficient, but be prepared pronouncedly in view to the large target! In this way humans become illuminated ones. The highest success is the divine wisdom. The life is the way, which leads there. Justice for men is defined as how much the being believes that it needs or deserves whereas justice in Gods senses can be assumed of how much someone is ready to receive!