Enhanced Authenticity Guarantee:

"Nature copies itself". We have noticed especially in meteoritics that texture and appearance of stones quite often seem to match almost 100% material that has a different chemistry, a different thermal history, etc. making it such more difficult to judge the authenticity and the origin of a material. This demands a higher level of research standard for reevaluation.As it proved a big challenge even for most experienced scientists with regular laboratory tools to keep valuable planetary and rare meteorites from those apart that are more common, scientifically less interesting or even never have been extraterrestrial of origin, we have rechecked every meteorite we acquired and offer for resale in cooperation with some of world's top scientists and by the use^of most precise measurement tools (including but not limited to isotope studies, by electron microprobe analysis of the chemistry , measuring of magnetic suscepticibility , Polarizing Microscopy.


*beside ordinary chondrites

Erich Haiderer

4 Jahre  Studium der Pharmazie

an der Universitšt Wien

(nicht abgeschlossen aus gutem Grund!)



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