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Reinigung - Cleansing

1.Purification - Reinigung

1.Ablauf Reinigung

2.Feiheit v.Sucht, Freed.o.Addiction

2a)Addiction Relief Prayer

3.Ahimsa - der Mond

3.Ahimsa (english)

4.) Geschenk Schmerz

4.Accepting Pain (Truth About)


6.) Freiheit von Selbstbestrafung

7.) Annullieren von Scham

8.) Befreite Emotionen - Selbstbestimmung!



Geistige Energie - Fulfilling the Mission

1.Schrei nach Energie

1.Cry for Energy

1a) Energiegebet

2.) Probleme - Leuchtboten

2.) Welcome Problems

3.) Dankbarkeit -Gratitude


6b) Gebet zum Heiligen Geist

3a) Self Worth

6b)Prayer to the Holy Ghost

4.) Selbstannahme, Self-Acceptance

5.) Transformation

6.) Mitgefühl - Compassion

6.) Heart of Christ:

7.) Wille

8.) Diene , Service for Humanity!

9.) Surrender


Deepening the Relation with God

Kreuzigung Jesu

im Antlitz Gottes - in the Image of God

Schwur auf Gott

Covenant with God


Remedy on Procrastination

Gegenwart Gebete

Dankgebet SSB

Wie Gott dein Gebet erhört

Deine Stimme

Giving Voice

Active Service

Gebet zu Gott - Prayer to God


Unordnung und Sammeltrieb

Birds waiting for your help

coming up: Heilen von Plaetzen, healing of places

G. zu den Pleiaden

Angelus Silesius

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Sitemap 4.Accepting Pain (Truth About)

Truth About Pain
(created 2000-03-25 bhurdor, updated Sunday, March 04, 2001 bhurdor)

The basic step to confront what you call pain is to accept that the underlying cause is unlikely to go away.
For example, if your pain is related to a neck condition, it can be relieved and even controlled completely for
a time, but you will still have a damaged neck and the pain could recur any time .
Disease can represent or may be originating from:
a)resistance to one or more life processes
b)a restructuring process in your life
c)signal/s to change the way you live your life
d)hidden concepts or strategies to get or to avoid attraction or love
e)a response to reduced will due to own carmic actions
f)resistance to step forward to "new avenues"
g)to suffer because others do
h) ignorance or resistance to help others in need (conscience)

Biofeedback might be a useful way to call what you interpret as pain conditions that involve tense muscles; the impressions of pain experiences come in waves . Feel deeply into it , notice the waves , draw a statistic . Watch the pattern this statistic is following?
Sooner or later you will be relieved from pain since you recognize the truth:
Pain is only a meta drama of a belief system which somebody created or a concept a person agrees on !
pain is a channel to inner wisdom of self ;
pain is an imagination which reflects ignored knowledge of self
pain is a fortuneteller ! just listen!
pain is a portal to inner freedom and to a kingdom of light - allow yourself to enter this entrance!
Don’t let yourself get blinded what others might have let you “ known “ about the nature of pain ! Pain or your definition of it might be very convincing of its existence to the point of view you have got used to or others convinced you of but here is still the well hidden secret for you - which nobody else seems want you to find out about:
pain is an illusion ! it truly is ! Let yourself confront with this eternal truth - and feel it - and let your bizarre built EGO crumble in this light of my true nature which appears in this dawn of nonexistence of pain!!
Pain is something you (I don’t mean really you but your Ego) built up in order not to see - so your ray of light could travel its own way
Pain is an illusion - so is death,too!
Remember that what you interpret as pain is just the portal - the real elixir of life waits behind it ! Why wait ? Why avoid ? Why suffer in the darkness of so called suffer ?
"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.
" (Kahlil Gibran: The PROPHET, ch.16)
"if you run from pain away - anyway you have to pay,
but if you do the pain accept - you have paid some of your debt
- you'll feel in control - disappear may now the wall!"
(000325 Wie bhurdor)
Angelus Silesius (german prophet , from Breslau, Silesia ):
"Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born
And not within thyself, thy soul will be forlorn.

“The whole life of Christ was a cross and a martyrdom, and dost thou seek rest and joy? If thou carry the cross unwillingly, thou makest it a burden to thee. If thou fling away one cross, without doubt thou shalt find another, perhaps a heavier”
...." (Thomas de Kempis -- Imitation of Christ).
Accept the cross (pain) and reddem its barrier by being willing to carry it in a continuos congruent, joyful attitude: "YOU MUST LOVE THE PAIN WITH ALL YOUR HEART, WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, WITH ALL YOUR MIND"