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Reinigung - Cleansing

1.Purification - Reinigung

1.Ablauf Reinigung

2.Feiheit v.Sucht, Freed.o.Addiction

2a)Addiction Relief Prayer

3.Ahimsa - der Mond

3.Ahimsa (english)

4.) Geschenk Schmerz

4.Accepting Pain (Truth About)


6.) Freiheit von Selbstbestrafung

7.) Annullieren von Scham

8.) Befreite Emotionen - Selbstbestimmung!



Geistige Energie - Fulfilling the Mission

1.Schrei nach Energie

1.Cry for Energy

1a) Energiegebet

2.) Probleme - Leuchtboten

2.) Welcome Problems

3.) Dankbarkeit -Gratitude


6b) Gebet zum Heiligen Geist

3a) Self Worth

6b)Prayer to the Holy Ghost

4.) Selbstannahme, Self-Acceptance

5.) Transformation

6.) Mitgefühl - Compassion

6.) Heart of Christ:

7.) Wille

8.) Diene , Service for Humanity!

9.) Surrender


Deepening the Relation with God

Kreuzigung Jesu

im Antlitz Gottes - in the Image of God

Schwur auf Gott

Covenant with God


Remedy on Procrastination

Gegenwart Gebete

Dankgebet SSB

Wie Gott dein Gebet erhört

Deine Stimme

Giving Voice

Active Service

Gebet zu Gott - Prayer to God


Unordnung und Sammeltrieb

Birds waiting for your help

coming up: Heilen von Plaetzen, healing of places

G. zu den Pleiaden

Angelus Silesius

The Greys

The Blues


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Sitemap 3a) Self Worth

Self Worth

(created 2000 bhurdor, updated 01/03/04 bhurdor)
Take your step further to SELF WORTH and you can expect that blessing that you will experience when you are truly filled with Gods love! Sacrifice the "I".
Lift your Charisma by the following words: " I accept love as a sign of my self value "
Become not merely a man of success but a man of value.
Become God who is Thought itself, infinite
Truth, the eternally subsistent brightness of intelligence and the living flame of measureless Love.
Free yourself to recognize your own value !
W like Self Worth:
Burn in life, become living flame of Love so you may further-carry your God fire.
As fire purifies, enlightens and gives warmth, so the Holy Ghost in this moment most deeply purifies, enlightens and
inflames your soul.
Live the will of God and become Yourself!