Meteorite from Mars


SaU 060


Martian Shergottite, SaU 060,

1 small complete individual of a total mass of 42g with fusion crust was found 2001 June. Mineralogy and classification (S. Afanasiev, Vernad): has a porphyritic texture with large olivine phenocrysts (Fo63.1-70.8) set in a groundmass consisting of maskelynite (An61.4-68.3 Or0.5-1.6) and pigeonite (En60-69.6 Wo7.1-8.6), augite (En47 Wo35) is rare; shock stage, S5; slight weathering. Pairing possible with Sayh al Uhaymir 005/008/051/094 but seem to be less weathered.