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Lorenz LPX2 Detector/Metalldetektor: If you are looking for depth and accuracy this is a top-of-the-line "working horse" that leads you straight to treasure!Top technical and Electronical condition. work on the principle of pulse induction. The machine is compact, light and enough powerful to work with coils 26cm/35cm/45cm and 1x1m/2x2m square coils

with manual, battery unit, CD-Rom

Search depths - Suchtiefe
Tiefe/ depth
Coin/Münze 15mm
Iron metal box 300x180x150mm
Max depth for very big objects / grosse Objekte

newest model - Sale:

almost new  US-$1200

Euro 750

shipped from Vienna, Austria add $40 or € 25



Eagle-White 6000 Di-Pro Detector/Metalldetektor

used with minor scratches: $300 Euro 195

comes with battery unit,

shipped from Vienna, Austria add $40 or € 25





SM-30 is a Magnetic Susceptibility Meter. This is a method to measureof (both) the free metal and the rock bound metal contents. The unit offers an internal memory of 250 readings with data transfer cable and software provided. An audio tone provides indication of instrument function during operation. It is easy to carry, simple to use, and sensitivity to measure most any sample of interest, the SM-30 is an indispensable tool for every geologist.

Magnetic susceptibility measures how

the sample responds to a magnetic field. The higher

the metal content of the meteorite, the higher the magnetic susceptibility value.

almost brand new condition,



Euro 1390

with  Driver


Coolpix 4500 Sorry, this doesn't work at the moment (but should be easy to repair) after it got slightly humid, other than that it is in top technical condition (got a great Nikon service just before). Comes with package, manual, EN-EL1 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery in good condition and battery charger



Euro 87


Auto, BMW 535i, 91, mit Pickerl, TÜV. BSS - Alufelgen, nagelneue Pirellireifen, viele Extras, Ex-Besitz von VIP's Euro 2200 Standort: Wien

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