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Welcome at Space-Sciences - specialized in moldavites, tektites, historic falls, fine mineral specimen from Europe and some NON(!)-Saharan (N0N-African) METE0RlTES at reasonable (low) pricse.
(in mineral business since 1977!)

Note: Since we retired some time already this site will be discontd. soon

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About me: I'm a mineral collector since my early childhood and found myself more than 1000 moldavites, tektites, impactites as well as a few octahedrites and chondrites

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Lunar Meteorites         Martian Lithologies       


Moldavite, Tektit, Impactit, Desert Glass 

Top grade Guangdong Tektite, large Dumb bells


Meteorite Catalog                deutschMeteoriten-Katalog

from Vesta: Eucrites                     from Vesta: Howardites
Ureilite DaG976

Carbonaceous Material from Space

   Material fr.Ureilite parent body Material fr.Ureilite parent bodyCarbonaceous Material from Space


Stony meteorite(OC), IndividualsChondrites-selected

  Rocks f.Enstatite ParentBody-near Sun?
Winona  from Winona parent bodyRocks fr.Acapulcoite parent body

impact melt meteorites

Fresh Falls - Chondrites


Iron Meteorites 

Ataxite from Tanna Tuva , Mongolia

from Brachina parent body
meteorites from Lodran parent body
Laboratory and Outdoors Equipment


Fine Zincite Catalogue
  Feine Mineralien & Kristalle, KraftsteineFine Minerals (museum grade),Power Stones

Prices will again increase July 26th 2013 by appr. 5% due to increasing demand and limited stock in our extraterrestrail material.

New, surprising & and recent additions:

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Schwerelosigkeit: Den Freien Fall testen. My Zero - Gravity Experience
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